[chuck-users] multispork

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 04:31:31 EDT 2007


I'd really like to be able to group shreds, making it easier to have 
several shreds start/stop at the same time. First I'd like to hear how 
others address the problem...

Then I thought about some possibillities:

1) Using Machine.add/remove. This is easy if I use Machine.add to spork 
everything, but first replace (in miniAudicle) doesn't work with shreds 
sproked from Machine.add. Secondly shreds added from miniAudicle can't 
be removed from Machine.remove (since that function requires a 
function). The best solution would be if Machine.remove accepted a 
string, in which case it would remove all shreds with that name. To 
complete everything miniAudicle should be able to remove and replace 
shreds added from Machine.add.

2) Some more fancy sporking mechanism could be added to miniAudicle. I 
think this has been brought up before (correct me if i'm wront), and 
although it would be nice, it might be difficult to implement something 
flexible enough for everyone. For instance I would "need" an add-list 
(spork these if not running) and a remove-list (remove if running) both 
associated with a group.

peace, love & harmony

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