[chuck-users] NullPointerException

eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 19:36:16 EDT 2007

Hi list,

I am trying to make a list of objects where each object has  
references to other objects, but I am not succeeding and I get a  
NullPointerException. The piece of code below may represent what I am  
trying to do.

class object
     Std.rand2f(0., 1.) => float f_;

class Item extends object
     2 => int size_;
     object item_[size_];

     fun void print()
         for( 0=>int i; i<size_; i++ )
             <<< "item [",i,"]", item_[i].f_>>>;
     <<<"calling print from within class definition">>>;

4 => int n;
Item l[n];

// no problems up until here

<<<"calling print from outside class definition">>>;

for( 0=>int i; i<n; i++ )
     l[i].print();   //offending line

After execution I get:
[chuck](VM): NullPointerException: shred[id=1:test.ck], PC=[37]

Excuse me if it's too obvious, but I can't see why it rises the null  
pointer exception. Any ideas?

thanks in advance,


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