[chuck-users] two gui wishes for miniAudicle

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Jun 10 16:15:42 EDT 2007


Code completion was actually one of the original design goals of  
miniAudicle, and has been sort of ominously perched on my internal  
todo list since the beginning.  The biggest difficulty with code  
completion right now is that one essentially needs to parse most or  
all of the relevant code to make it work.  Ive recently realizeed  
that the way many tools (Xcode, Eclipse) do this is to actually use  
the full compiler to get some sort of abstract syntax tree and then  
go from there, instead of more simplistic text processing.


On Jun 10, 2007, at 12:43 PM, Leuthold Dominik wrote:

> hi all
> i'm a bit surprised that "code completion" wasn't mentioned till now.
> (or is it already in the wishlist?)
> i'd really like to see something similar like m$ IntelliSense  
> implemented
> in the mini. (hehe... i like my visual studio:-)
> i'm often in the situation that i'm not sure how to spell a  
> specific command
> (uppper/lowercae, or eg. is it keyOn?, or noteOn?) or that i'm not  
> sure
> about
> the type of parameters for a function.
> therefor i always need to look in the documentation wich is really  
> time
> consuming.
> in my personal opinion, a code completion would speed up coding a lot.
> jassas
> /moudi
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