[chuck-users] R: SndBuf causes hickup

Gatti Lorenzo lorenzo.gatti at dsdata.com
Fri Jun 15 03:38:09 EDT 2007

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> It would be nice if chuck had a way of filling a SndBuf in the
> background, it should be finished when it's ready but should cause no
> hickups, and an a possibly with an ability to check at any given time if
> the reading has been completed.

This doesn't seem a practical suggestion: what's the benefit of knowing that when a SndBuf needs to be played it isn't ready and buffer hiccup is likely? 
Deciding to play something else instead of a SndBuf that is late is a significant complication (particularly bad for live coding) and a compromise of the original idea for purely technical reasons (bad for music); it might be a suitable and interesting technique for some of your projects but it cannot be considered a general solution.
What could be acceptable is a way to ask for bulk loading of a sample but promise ChucK that we aren't going to play it before a specified time; this added flexibility would allow sensible scheduling, e.g. the earliest deadline first algorithm, with the effect of limiting hiccups to occasional combinations of slow disks (not the software's fault) and unreasonable requests (also not the software's fault).
Lorenzo Gatti
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