[chuck-users] MIDI channel / Interfaces / Machine.Remove /

mieslings at i12.com mieslings at i12.com
Sun Jun 17 10:12:07 EDT 2007

Thanks, Kassen, for your reply. 

>...This is asuming you meant "device" above, not "channel", the  MIDI
>chanel would be in the message.

Yes, sorry, my mistake - I meant device. 

>Hope that helps at least a little, not sure what you are after here, exactly.
It does and I probably wasn't clear. I'm curious to know if, when a shred 
terminates, there is a way for the application to be made aware of it.
For example, there could be a onShredExit(Shred@ shred) callback function 
automatically called by ChucK just before the shred terminates whose content 
would be left at the discretion of the user so that for instance s/he could 
write some code to notify  all the objects dependant on this shred. But I 
guess there would be potential scope issues... 

What about functors or some sort of pointers to functions and member 
functions? Now, that would be really great! 


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