[chuck-users] Audio Range and Zero-crossings, Hashes and OpenGl

joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Mon Mar 5 13:11:52 EST 2007

Spencer Salazar wrote:
>>>> 3. Is there any way to decrease the latency on WIndows platforms
>>>> for tru realtime MIDI playback and audio processing similar to  
>>>> Reaktor?
>>> You could try decreasing the audio buffer size through the --
>>> bufsize### command line option (see http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/ 
>>> doc/
>>> program/vm.html for more information).
>> Will do that. HOwever I just read that ChucK is based on SDL and  
>> DirectSound
>> meaning a 20 ms latency is quite an achievement in many cards. It  
>> would be
>> great if the WIndows port of SDL had native ASIo support some day.  
>> That
>> would get rid of the latency issues with SDL apps in general.
> ChucK does use DirectSound on Windows, which indeed makes attaining  
> realtime latency problematic.  ChucK isn't based on SDL, but rather  
> on RTAudio, which does have ASIO support, though ChucK doesn't  
> support that backend currently.  So, ASIO is slowly making its way  
> into ChucK, but we also don't have an ASIO platform to test on,  
> making the process more difficult.

you could use asio4all
is supposed to be working with all soundcards

>> Which reminds me of yet another query, I read somewhere that as  
>> ChucK also
>> supports multimedia, it would have OpenGl graphics support, too. Can I
>> access it in chucK itself and if so, where's the reference? The manual
>> doesn't say anything about openGl.
> OpenGL support (GLucK) is currently in development limbo, but its  
> something we'd very much like to make available in the near future.

how about the possibilities to write extensions, so we could write our 
own? i know there's some support in the code but i didn't figure out how 
to use it. any hints?



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