[chuck-users] Low-latency in Windows, Dynamic LInking and UI Idea

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Mon Mar 5 15:43:26 EST 2007


I see, which  reminds me of another thing entirely. Will ChucK have some day
> in the future a sufficiently powerful, cross-platform toolkit for
> effortllessly building synth panels as in Reaktor?

I think the mini-audicle user-interface element thingies that are there on
Mac right now and will be here for Win and Linux sometime soon-ish would
come quite close to something like that? I'm not a 100% certain about what
Reactor does and doesn't do there but I imagine that the more advanced and
configurable it gets the less "effortless" it would be...

If it would also support
> presets,

As soon as we get real file in-out you'll be able to make your own preset

MIDi learn,

You could already implement your own MIDI learn function for ChucK if you'd
like to...

> respect user color and font preferences

I don't think that would be one of the harder things to get but it might
break some cross-platform compatibility if people start referring to fonts
that might belong to a specific OS in their ChucK files.

and would be
> keyboard and screen reader accessible, I'd be chucKed into virtual analog
> heaven then, <grin>.

Screen readers are aids for people with bad or no eyesight, right? That
might be a interesting concept. It could be argued/ studied that programing
languages as a musical interface might get around some of the limitations
for visually impaired people caused by the recent developments in graphical
interfaces. Might be a interesting point for Ge's research? Personally I'm
very skeptical about the benefits of all those fancy graphics commercial
synth programs for people with perfect sight as well; it seems to distract
from the sound.

Keyboard reading we have already, by the way, I'd say you are getting quite
close to your heaven!

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