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garton at columbia.edu garton at columbia.edu
Wed Mar 7 11:33:02 EST 2007

Hey chuCK-sters --

One of the things I would argue for in terms of future UI
development of ChUcK is to really chase after the idea of it
becoming an 'imbeddable' library.  People have different UI
environments that are more or less congenial to work within, and
the "let's bring it all into our OWN world!" just reeks of all that
high-modernist totalizing that I hoped we were smacking down into a
happy multicultural world.  Software imitates life!  Art!  All

One of the first things I hoped could happen would be a way to
dynamically change parameters in an executing cHuCK script.  I
would love to have a ugen that would poll (or be notified) by the
an 'external' environment that a new value was ready for
incorporation into the chUcK VM, and then that value would be

For example, when I did the max/msp [chuck~] object, I would love to
have had a way to set up a max/msp UI object to send values into a
cHUck script like this:

   Maxconnection thing => feedback.gain => something.else;

and have the executing script pick up any incoming values from the
max/msp UI object dynamically.


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