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On 3/7/07, garton at columbia.edu <garton at columbia.edu> wrote:

> One of the first things I hoped could happen would be a way to
> dynamically change parameters in an executing cHuCK script.  I
> would love to have a ugen that would poll (or be notified) by the
> an 'external' environment that a new value was ready for
> incorporation into the chUcK VM, and then that value would be
> changed.

I'm not sure I understand how this would be different from OSC or MIDI.

It sounds to me like you could use OSC and get that IXIsoftware
Python-OSC-graphical_thingy and have a open general purpose interface of
your own to controll ChucK, Max and a wireless robot-toaster in exactly the
way that you propose but I might (likely?) be missing something?

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