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garton at columbia.edu garton at columbia.edu
Wed Mar 7 16:33:13 EST 2007

Quoting Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>:

> That sounds like something in the direction of SC3's
> client-server model
> with open communications between both. I imagine that if ChucK
> and MAX would
> also start doing things like that we would end up with a
> abstraction layer
> not unlike Xserver on *nix where you can pick your own interface
> and still
> deal with the same things, do I understand that correctly?

Not sure about that -- been awhile since I've done much X stuff.

It's more from a developer standpoint.  I really like the idea of
being able to do something like this, for example:

   ChucK *chucker = new Chuck();







and just compile-in the chuck lib.  Within whatever app your are
developing.  No messing with net setup, etc.


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