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joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Wed Mar 7 18:24:45 EST 2007

on my laptop (WinXP SP2, Pentium M 1400MHz, 512MB)
miniAudicle doesn't run at all.
it reports (translated from a german error message):

The NTVDM-CPU discovered an invalid command.
CS:06de IP:020f OP:63 73 2e 70 72


Spencer Salazar wrote:
> Howdy,
> Release candidate 4 of chuck- is available for download and  
> testing:
>      http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/release/files/snapshot/
> Current release candidates of miniAudicle and Audicle are also  
> available.
> Please note that the ADSR UGen has been changed such that  
> the .attackTime, .decayTime, and .releaseTime now all accept a dur,  
> not a float.  This may make existing code fail to compile in  this  
> release candidate.
> Also, this version of miniAudicle has a buffer size preferences  
> option, which some folks have been asking for.
> Please let us know soon of any bugs or other difficulties!
> thanks,
> spencer
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