[chuck-users] ~

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Mar 8 06:21:02 EST 2007

Kassen wrote:
> Now I get it. And this whole thing could then be made to be a part of  
> our own program and people would make a ChucKvst and firechuck 
> (firefox plugin) and it would get embedded in freeware computer games 
> (shmuck!) and we would all be very happy?

One thing for the authors to consider is if things start moving in this 
direction if they'd prefer to keep the GPL license or move to something 
like the LGPL which permits a couple of the examples above.  At the 
moment doing a VST adapter or using ChucK in non-OSS freeware are not 
permitted by the license.  Honestly, this is probably also problematic 
for chuck~.

As for integration in general, yes, it is something that's important not 
just from an application developer's perspective, but from a musicians.  
I'm currently using a mix of Live, ChucK and VST plugins over a series 
of virtual audio and midi cables, but that makes restoring my 
environment for a given piece / performance rather complicated.  I've 
thought about writing a dummy VST plugin that just sets up the right 
connections and calls the ChucK executable with a given ChucK file.


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