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Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Mar 8 06:53:10 EST 2007

isjtar wrote:
> Op 8-mrt-07, om 12:21 h
> are you sure about that? general consensus in the maxworld seems to  
> be that the gpl for externals is not a problem because max is an  
> interpretor and doesn't not have to be free.

No, I'm not sure.  I've never looked at the license for the Cycling '74 
SDK and I don't know if there's anything that has to be linked to or a 
rather small interface that just has to be implemented.  But the 
interpreter point is irrelevant since the externals aren't written in 
Max.  Max patches being GPL'ed is something rather different.

I don't expect Ge & Friends are going to sick hordes of lawyers on Brad 
anytime soon, but just wanted to raise the issue as something for the 
ChucK to clarify at some point.  And there are some things that I've 
toyed around with that wouldn't be possible with the current licensing.

Note:  I'm not trying to discourage usage of the GPL, but there are 
advantages and disadvantages to each of the different flavors of OSS 

-Scott (who decided to start dual licensing his stuff GPL/MPL  :-) )

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