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garton at columbia.edu garton at columbia.edu
Thu Mar 8 08:46:20 EST 2007

Quoting Scott Wheeler <wheeler at kde.org>:

> I've
> thought about writing a dummy VST plugin that just sets up the
> right
> connections and calls the ChucK executable with a given ChucK
> file.

I've made some pluggo plugins w/ ChUck that work well using
[chuck~].  Fun stuff!

I don't know much about the max/msp policy, but I think Cycling
imagines it as a development environment and standalones/plugins
are not covered by any Cycling rights-claims.  There is a weirdness
with Windows, if anyone is interested I recall some discussion in
the archives.

Also, apologies for not updating [chuck~] recently.  As soon as the
new version of cHUck gets set I'll get a new one out.  Life


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