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Thu Mar 8 10:46:45 EST 2007

yes, the windows version has some 3rd party libraries or something  
like that, which makes it illegal to sell (and maybe even distribute  
but i'm unsure) standalone versions or pretty much anything involving  
max itself.

Op 8-mrt-07, om 14:46 heeft garton at columbia.edu het volgende geschreven:

> Quoting Scott Wheeler <wheeler at kde.org>:
>> I've
>> thought about writing a dummy VST plugin that just sets up the
>> right
>> connections and calls the ChucK executable with a given ChucK
>> file.
> I've made some pluggo plugins w/ ChUck that work well using
> [chuck~].  Fun stuff!
> I don't know much about the max/msp policy, but I think Cycling
> imagines it as a development environment and standalones/plugins
> are not covered by any Cycling rights-claims.  There is a weirdness
> with Windows, if anyone is interested I recall some discussion in
> the archives.
> Also, apologies for not updating [chuck~] recently.  As soon as the
> new version of cHUck gets set I'll get a new one out.  Life
> intervenes...
> brad
> http://music.columbia.edu/~brad
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