[chuck-users] chuck~ for PD

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 09:57:44 EDT 2007

> Ok, I tried it.

Me too!

> It compiled without problems, but the test example doesn't output any
> sound. There's no error from pd. The chuck~ object seems to load
> properly (setting vars and printing them works).

Worked well for me... got some noise, and some processed voice
recording being routed through a chuck's delay effect.

> I also tried with one of my chuck files. No output.

I tried some more complex ones without much success, but I tried a
simple one with a single SinOsc and it worked.  The strange thing was
that it only worked the first time I sent the "add" message for that
file.  Subsequent times there was no output.  I put a string dump at
the beginning of my "test.ck":

opening: /home/ssteve/.local/lib/pd/extra/chuck.so
Chuck Main: chuck~.c (266)
Finished DSP initialization: chuck~.c (273)
[chuck](VM): sporking incoming shred: 1 (test.ck)...
"here test" : (string)
[chuck](VM): sporking incoming shred: 1 (test.ck)...
[chuck](VM): sporking incoming shred: 2 (test.ck)...
[chuck](VM): sporking incoming shred: 3 (test.ck)...
[chuck](VM): sporking incoming shred: 4 (test.ck)...
pd_gui: pd process exited

So you see, after the first time, the chuck file never actually runs,
although it is loaded.

> Another thing that might interest you is that pd crashes when closing
> the window.

This also happened to me.  Ubuntu Feisty here.
I am trying to get a stack trace but for some reason Pd is not running
very well under gdb.
(never tried it before..)

> I'm on linux (Slackware with a custom kernel). Pd has been built
> recently from CVS.

I'm also using a CVS version.

This has great potential!
Although in some ways I prefer to run chuck in a separate process and
use OSC for communication, there are definitely advantages to this
approach -> currently, it's easier to control chuck variables than
defining OSC events for everything in chuck (i find this a little
cumbersome in chuck), and also you can get the audio back into Pd and
do further processing, which is a pretty awesome.



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