[chuck-users] chuck~ for PD

garton at columbia.edu garton at columbia.edu
Tue Mar 13 10:44:33 EDT 2007

Quoting martin robinson <mjr at cc.gatech.edu>:

> Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something here, but each time you
> call io.get(...) it should return the latest value delivered to
> the chuck~
> inlet. You might want to consider making a shred with a test loop
> to get a more real-time behavior.
> while (100::ms => now) {
>   io.get("abc) = s.freq;
> }

You might want to double-check this.  I tried a similar thing with
the max/msp chuck~, and discovered that the new values were not
being delivered into the executing VM.  Your code is probably
better, though, so I should check it out and adjust accordingly!


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