[chuck-users] chuck- available

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Mar 15 20:40:23 EDT 2007


> i just tried a bit to chuck with the new miniAudicle (for windows)
> and had a problem with the following syntax:
> Machine.add("E:/AWorks/ChucK/Public Classes/Note.ck");
> it returned this error:
> [E]: no such file or directory

Ah, this is a bug with the command line++ arguments in, which 
allows arguments to be specified on the command line, miniAudicle, using 
on-the-fly programming commands, and Machine.add( ... ).

For example:

     Machine.add( "foo.ck:1:2:3" );

sporks foo.ck on a new shred, with "1", "2", and "3" as arguments.  The 
colon-delimited scheme, used to separate the file and subsequent 
arguments, is interpreting "E:/AWorks/etc..." as running the program "E" 
with the rest as the argument.  Clearly, we need to address this, possibly 
using escape sequences for :

Thanks for posting this!


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