[chuck-users] chuck~ for PD

martin robinson mjr at cc.gatech.edu
Sat Mar 17 02:13:42 EDT 2007

> Another odd thing I forgot to mention is that when I tried to launch pd
> from the terminal, and I was into the chuck~ build directory (since I
> had just copied the built files to my /pd/extra directory), pd
> segfaulted as soon as I opened a patch with the chuck~ object inside.
> I'll try to replicate this to post the output error messages. IIRC they
> were about unknown symbols in chuck~.so.

This bug is an oddity of the PD open_via_path call. I think it should be fixed
in the latest version here:


The next release should include Windows support and the ability
to load ChucK scripts with paths relative to the patch file.

martin robinson

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