[chuck-users] chuck~ for PD

Steffen stffn at dibidut.dk
Sat Mar 17 06:06:34 EDT 2007

On 17/03/2007, at 7.15, martin robinson wrote:

>> Yes it clears, but I don't have much luck. The below script of cause
>> work, and makes Pd play a 300Hz sine wave via ChuCK. If i uncomment
>> the two comments and in stead comment out the '300 => s.freq;' line,
>> it don't make any sound. If i instead only uncomment the first line,
>> there is still no sound, hence it might have to to with the Pd UGen?
> Wow! It looks like I forgot another line when porting to the latest  
> ChucK
> release. In any case it should work now:
> http://www-static.cc.gatech.edu/ugrads/m/mjr/chuck~-0.1.2.tar.gz

Thanks. That did the trick for using variable parameters from Pd.

Is there defined way shreds are names when added as [add chuckfile.ck 
( such that it can be replaced by another later on?

When one start up Pd with chuck~, and then send [replace shred_one  
test1.ck( then it plays it. Then one can send [replace shred_one  
test2.ck( and it playes that instead. And one can keep toggling  
between those. But if test1.ck for example is a finite script, ie one  
that runs for a certain time period. When it ends, then one can't, it  
seams, replace shred_one with anything till a restart of Pd (ie a  
reload of chuck~).

Best, Steffen

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