[chuck-users] Any livecoding in San Francisco?

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Tue Mar 20 02:30:06 EDT 2007

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I asked on the linux-audio list, and was referred to an event that used to happen on Wednesday nights at backlitloungesf.  I emailed them and they said the event isn't happening anymore.... though it might move to a new night at a new venue.

Are there any livecoding events occurring in San Francisco? I'd be surprised if there weren't... we're only a few miles from CCRMA, from Berkeley, from Apple, and from Silicon Valley, a home to many of the Burning Man people, and used to be loaded with creative technoids back in the day (dot-com 90's). I'm surprised there isn't more going on here in the area of electronic music. What happened? Did everyone move to Brooklyn after the dot-bomb?

Anyway, if there are any ChucK users here in the Bay Area who are doing any live concerts/events/tutorials/seminars/DJ-sets, let me know and I'll make an effort to come to your show. I'd love to witness some ChucK livecoding.

- -ken
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