[chuck-users] strange behaviour of shakers ugen

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Mar 22 21:32:54 EDT 2007

Hi moudi,
There are many aspects of Shakers that are opaque to me, but from  
what I can glean from the source, in the guiro (3) and wrench (10)  
presets of Shakers there is a notion of "ratchet position".  This I  
assume is the position of the scraping object (the ratchet) along the  
notched surface.  The position of the ratchet determines the number  
of individual ratchet sounds and thus the length of the produced  
sound.  Taking a look at the source, the ratchet position starts out  
at 10 when you call preset(3); it is increased by 1 each time you  
call noteOn; it decreases for each actual ratchet sound that is  
heard; and it is set to 0 when you call noteOff.  Thus, calling  
noteOn several times is one possible way to set the ratchet position  
to a certain level.  Alternatively, you could call preset(3) to reset  
the position to 10 each time.  I'm not sure if this is the best  
approach, but it works.


On Mar 21, 2007, at 3:36 PM, Leuthold Dominik wrote:

> hi list
> i made some sounds with the shakers ugen and was surprised that  
> with some
> presets the sound was cutted away for all cycles after the first one.
> this happens not with all presets (eg. preset 5 works well, 3 not).
> i used this simple code:
> Shakers s => dac;
> s.preset(3);
> s.gain(2);
> s.freq(Note.C2);
> while(true)
> {
> 	s.noteOn(1);		
> 	2::second => now;
> 	s.noteOff(0);
> }
> is there anything i should consider using this ugen?
> thanks
> /moudi
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