[chuck-users] questions on osc, events and multi-shredding

Lukas Degener degenerl at cs.uni-bonn.de
Mon Mar 26 19:59:05 EDT 2007

Hi List,

Do I understand this correctly that I have to create an OscEvent for
every single OSC method I want to listen for?

The docs say I can use any valid OSC address pattern, but this does not
seem to work. I have attached a (stupid) program that demonstrates the
So I need a separate shred for each  OSC method?

Which brings me to another thing I was wondering about lately:
A shred can not wait for more than one event (including time passage) at
the same time.
So in many situtations, I will have no choice but to either do polling
on a set of conditions, or create a separate shred for each event I am
interested in.
But this could be quite a large (theoretically infinit) number of shreds.
Until now, I decided to use polling, but I was wondering if there was
some kind of "proven pattern" that could be employed in such situations.

What is the overhead of a shred anyway? Would it be a problem to create
a *lot* of them? Like - let's say - a couple of thousands? From some
primitive experiments, it seems that the creation involves some
noticeable overhead, but I already had thousands of them running (well,
mostly idle) without any problem. Are there any upper bounds?

Otoh, is it a good idea to do polling in very short intervals, like the
duration of one frame?

Sorry, lots of questions. :-)

Best Regards,

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