[chuck-users] questions on osc, events and multi-shredding

Lukas Degener degenerl at cs.uni-bonn.de
Tue Mar 27 05:24:15 EDT 2007

Hi Eduard,

thanks a lot for your input!

eduard aylon schrieb:
> There is 1 offending line, namely orec.event("/test/*, i s") @=>  
> OscEvent e . This means your receiver is waiting for events of the  
> form /test/*, which are never received for you are sending events / 
> test/bla
I know. I also tried listening for a concrete address, and it works
without any problem.
It's just that the documentation makes it sound as if there was a way to
listen at more than one address.

states that

"Each instance of OscRecv can create OscEvent objects using its event()
method to listen for packets at any valid OSC Address pattern."

but it seems the event() method actually expects concrete message
addresses, not patterns.

I am building an application where there are potentially a lot of
parameters controlled via OSC. It would be interesting  how other
ChucKers deal with this kind of situation.

Best regards,

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