[chuck-users] Assertion `m_offset < obj->vtable->funcs.size()' failed.

Lukas Degener degenerl at cs.uni-bonn.de
Fri Mar 30 06:52:25 EDT 2007

can anybody can tell me what might cause this error message?

chuck: chuck_instr.cpp:3669: virtual void
Chuck_Instr_Dot_Member_Func::execute(Chuck_VM*, Chuck_VM_Shred*):
Assertion `m_offset < obj->vtable->funcs.size()' failed.

I tracked it down to this piece of code:

public OscEvent getOscEvent(OscRecv r){
        <<<"enter FloatParam::getOscEvent">>>;
        r.event(id+"/value, f") @=> OscEvent e;
        <<<"exit FloatParam::getOscEvent">>>;
        return e;

The second message is never displayed.
Any ideas?

TIA + Best Regards,

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