[chuck-users] De-Lurk Pt II. I forgot my spork!

Loscha loscha at gmail.com
Fri May 11 01:25:57 EDT 2007

I feel like a bit of a fool after that posting.
I forgot to put back the "spork ~" in the section of code I was working on.

Please revise code as follows:

Should have posted link to code stored as a ck on my server, I could have
fixed it in a jiffy, and saved y'all have to cut and paste it to get it

sorry for the chatter.


 //------------------------------------ The Sequence Plays!
        while (true)
                for (0 => int stab; stab < numsteps; stab++)
                        if (beats[stab] == 1)
                            spork ~ tampluck (stab);      // <= this is the
updated line!

                      click * 1::ms => now;
        //------------------------------------ The Sequence (never) Ends!
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