[chuck-users] Lisa, voice-gain convolution, etc.

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon May 14 21:41:49 EDT 2007

> i re-read and see that you actually plan to throw off a voice *every
> sample* (more wonderful chuck-inspired insanity!) so i withdraw the
> "approximate." how fast is your machine? ;--}

2GHz Pentium 4 Mobile with 1GB of ram.

In other words; "not fast enough for my dreams".

Still, we can render and I said up front that it was a excersise and joke. I
don't mind rendering if it gives me something I can't otherwise obtain.

Convolution reverbs tend to be all about "quality" and leave little options
for messing it up and seeing what happens so rolling your own might have
some advantages.

We'll see where and if it collapses, safety seems very un-ChucKian to me

> i believe there is a bunch of spectral stuff in the works, which i am
> hankering to get a hold of meself.

OOOH! And now so am I.

> i'm glad to hear it!

It's good, I like how it's a very open-ended way of doing grains, I was a
bit tirered of the typical ready-made grain-based tool that's a bit heavy on
the random stuff.

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