[chuck-users] R: ResonZ default freq

Gatti Lorenzo lorenzo.gatti at dsdata.com
Tue May 22 08:55:04 EDT 2007

Resonant filters can be very loud, silence is a safe default. 
Moreover, defaulting to any common (or uncommon) note could hide a missing initialization, possibly much later ("Hey, my complicated filter should be tuneable and it isn't! It's a bug! Help me!"). 
Third, a filter is expected to be set to an user-specified frequency and no default is reliably appropriate; so why bother second-guessing what the filter inputs would be? 

Lorenzo Gatti

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Hi list!

A very minor point, but....

Is it correct behaviour that ResonZ defailts to a freq of 0Hz and so doesn't pass anything without setting the .freq parameter?

I think I'd prefer 440Hz or middle C. 


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