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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue May 29 16:42:33 EDT 2007

Dear ChucKists,

A possible HID issue...

Since a while I'm using a new (for me) PS2 => USB converter for my game
devices, it's by a brand called "EMS" and it has some advantages over other
ones like being able to accomodate two devices on one USB connector, it has
support for dancepads (meaning you can push left&right at the same time,
something that some other converters tend to crash on) and it can map
buttons to keyboard keys. Overall that means it's good and usefull, it was
recomended by some sites about those dance games and those sites are quite
demanding on converters since both timing and this dancepad-issue are very
important to them.

However, it also has "modes" called "compattible" and "normal". I'm not at
all sure right now what those do exactly (sparse English documentation by
Asian manifacturers...). Here comes the problem; ChucK will crash outright
upon initiating the device if those aren't set exactly right. Hence, in my
interpertation of the situation, there is something, somewhere, in our HID
device amis. It would be fine with me for ChucK to complain about bad
settings but simply crashing completely with no notification seems wrong.

Clearly; "it sometimes crashes" isn't enough, so; should I find and send
more data and if so what? Spencer?

Also; has anybody tried hooking up a PS3 "Sixaxis" to ChucK on Windows with
working motion sensing? That one looks nice for modulations and rocking the
Shakers but I'd like to know it'll work because that's the only thing I'd
use a Sixaxis for right now since so far nothing else about the PS3 tickles
by fancy to the tune of 600 bucks.

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