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Tue May 29 21:20:24 EDT 2007

Hmm, sounds pretty annoying.  Do you happen to have Cygwin installed on 
any of your machines?  If you did, or were willing to install it, I 
could walk you through getting a stacktrace of the crash from gdb, 
which would be the most helpful information to debug this.  (Cygwin is 
pretty lightweight and easily removed, if you are worried about system 

There may also be some error-condition checking that should be 
happening but is not happening in ChucK's HID implementation--Ill 
browse through that and see if anything looks suspicious.


> Interesting you bring up the PS3 controllers.  Ross Bencina (Audio
> Mulch) gave a talk at Melbourne Dorkbot last month about wanting to
> interface the PS3 controller to the computer. Most of the Bluetooth
> implementation is standard, but, the thing that he (and everyone else,
> it seems) is they can't quite crack how to get certain modes of the
> Accelerometers transmitting data, that making it no better than a PS2
> controller.
> The problem people are having is the ridiculous cost of air-borne
> packet sniffers (which is something I noticed on sites trying to fully
> decode the Wii protocol, too).

I read on Wikipedia that PS3 controllers could be used as a standard 
HID on a PC when using the USB connector, after installing a driver.  
It is possible that the driver would not expose the accelerometer 
functionality though.  If not, USB sniffers are a lot cheaper than 
Bluetooth sniffers, so figuring out the USB packets the PS3 uses to 
setup/read the accelerometer could be a lot easier if you don't 
particularly need wirelessness.  Id be interested in hacking that a bit 
myself, but Im not very inclined to shell out $600 for a PS3... if 
anyone did figure out how exactly to access the accelerometers, I would 
totally help out with/do a ChucK implementation.

> Re: Wii
> Has anyone tried using ChucK with a Wii controller? I've been looking
> at getting one, but, they're still $60au new in stores, and they're
> not quite new enough to turn up 2nd hand in hock shops yet. I'm
> realistically hoping to hit that second objective in about 2 months
> from now. Should be about $25 for one then. I've seen lots of programs
> for the PC to interface with the Wii Remote, so, one way or the other,
> I'll be able to make it do "Something".
> I've not seen specific mention of Wii on any ChucK sites as of yet.
> Is it like "special:dope" and hiding somewhere behind the curtains?

I've been working on Wii support on Mac OS X for a while.  I've gotten 
everything on the standard remote working except the speaker, with 
reasonable reliability.  Also, nunchuk support is on its way.

I'd like to get things nice and cross platform, but Mac OS X is the 
only setup I have right now that has access to a Bluetooth adapter.  
Its all disabled though, unless a certain compile time flag is set.  
But I can see this becoming less hidden away in the future (probably 
after I improve reliability and make it cross platform).  But if anyone 
was interested in getting this going now, that should be pretty doable.


> -Edward
> http://-www.loscha.com/chuck
> On 5/30/07, Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear ChucKists,
>> A possible HID issue...
>> Since a while I'm using a new (for me) PS2 => USB converter for my 
>> game devices, it's by a brand called "EMS" and it has some 
>> advantages over other ones like being able to accomodate two devices 
>> on one USB connector, it has support for dancepads (meaning you can 
>> push left&right at the same time, something that some other 
>> converters tend to crash on) and it can map buttons to keyboard 
>> keys. Overall that means it's good and usefull, it was recomended by 
>> some sites about those dance games and those sites are quite 
>> demanding on converters since both timing and this dancepad-issue 
>> are very important to them.
>> However, it also has "modes" called "compattible" and "normal". I'm 
>> not at all sure right now what those do exactly (sparse English 
>> documentation by Asian manifacturers...). Here comes the problem; 
>> ChucK will crash outright upon initiating the device if those aren't 
>> set exactly right. Hence, in my interpertation of the situation, 
>> there is something, somewhere, in our HID device amis. It would be 
>> fine with me for ChucK to complain about bad settings but simply 
>> crashing completely with no notification seems wrong.
>> Clearly; "it sometimes crashes" isn't enough, so; should I find and 
>> send more data and if so what? Spencer?
>> Also; has anybody tried hooking up a PS3 "Sixaxis" to ChucK on 
>> Windows with working motion sensing? That one looks nice for 
>> modulations and rocking the Shakers but I'd like to know it'll work 
>> because that's the only thing I'd use a Sixaxis for right now since 
>> so far nothing else about the PS3 tickles by fancy to the tune of 
>> 600 bucks.
>> Cheers,
>> Kas.
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