[chuck-users] "playing" chuck

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Tue May 29 23:55:00 EDT 2007

On 5/29/07, Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com> wrote:
> That's easy. It's a simple question, a simple wish and a simple answer as
> well; in your chuck directory there should be a dir called /examples/midi/
> and this contains examples about how to deal with MIDI.
> That should get you started, at least.

holy shit, it worked!!!  :)

sorry for my enthusiasm, but you don't know how I've been struggling
with getting something to work this past week (on my linux system in
general).  imagine my excitement just now when I chucked polyfony.ck
and got sound!

now I must change that script to get me a moog ;)  this is
great...exactly what I wanted in a system.  something catered to live
playing, where I can define the code prior to performance and then
focus my attention on my midi keyboard during performance.

> I've seen this question a few times now, maybe that means there should be
> more in the docs/manual about using MIDI traditionally.

I realize I represent a small subset of people who would actually want
to use chuck for this purpose (not live coding, but playing a midi
keyboard), but I think it would be worthwhile to mention it in the

> And yes; everything you mentioned is well within the realm of posibility.
> Happy ChucKing,
> Kas.

apparently so!  thank you for your kind, quick, and very informative
answer.  of course, the downside to enlightening me is that you will
now have to put up with me on this list ;)

Josh Lawrence

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