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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed May 30 08:03:20 EDT 2007

Spencer wrote:
> Kassen,
> Hmm, sounds pretty annoying.

What's realy anoying is that somehow that driver doesn't want to remember
it's settings so far but I think it can. Aside from that it's a good
converter so...

  Do you happen to have Cygwin installed on
> any of your machines?  If you did, or were willing to install it, I
> could walk you through getting a stacktrace of the crash from gdb,
> which would be the most helpful information to debug this.  (Cygwin is
> pretty lightweight and easily removed, if you are worried about system
> bloat...)

Actually I think it would be good for me to install that anyway, I like the
Unix style prompt much better then the XP one. I suppose the XP one is more
powerfull then the DOS based one I got used to but it removed some commands
I found usefull and I can't get used to that.

So, yeah, let's do that. I'll install it somewhere today or tomorow and
we'll go through it off-list as stack-traces sound quite boring to inflict
on the rest.

There may also be some error-condition checking that should be
> happening but is not happening in ChucK's HID implementation--Ill
> browse through that and see if anything looks suspicious.


> > Interesting you bring up the PS3 controllers.  Ross Bencina (Audio
> > Mulch) gave a talk at Melbourne Dorkbot last month about wanting to
> > interface the PS3 controller to the computer. Most of the Bluetooth
> > implementation is standard, but, the thing that he (and everyone else,
> > it seems) is they can't quite crack how to get certain modes of the
> > Accelerometers transmitting data, that making it no better than a PS2
> > controller.

Yes, and the accelerometers are exactly what I'm lusting after.

I have a desent concept for playing keyboard style notes on a PS2joypad but
this covers all the buttons and the directional pad and leaves no thumbs
free for the sticks so for modulations those would be perfect.


I read on Wikipedia that PS3 controllers could be used as a standard
> HID on a PC when using the USB connector, after installing a driver.

That's right. I don't understand why it needs a driver but Sony isn't
particularly well known for sticking to perfectly fine standards.

On the plus side; Sony did implement pressure-sensitive buttons on the PS2
which are a pritty nice idea, sadly that's very different from PC/Mac style
HID stuff so only one or two converters support that. I'm not sure where the
PS3 pad is from that perspective but pressure sensitive buttons would have
obvious musical aplications.

It is possible that the driver would not expose the accelerometer
> functionality though.

That turned out to be the exact case last time I looked for it but that was
a while ago and they were working on this.

  If not, USB sniffers are a lot cheaper than
> Bluetooth sniffers, so figuring out the USB packets the PS3 uses to
> setup/read the accelerometer could be a lot easier if you don't
> particularly need wirelessness.

Absolutely and likely the protocol is very similar anyway.

  Id be interested in hacking that a bit
> myself, but Im not very inclined to shell out $600 for a PS3... if
> anyone did figure out how exactly to access the accelerometers, I would
> totally help out with/do a ChucK implementation.

At least you can buy the pads seperately, in the near future there should be
third party ones too. Third party gaming devices are great for musicians on
a budget, even just those small joysticks were hard to find and very
expensive as parts up to resendly; for games you can get those in ready made
implementations for very modest prices.

> I've been working on Wii support on Mac OS X for a while.  I've gotten
> everything on the standard remote working except the speaker, with
> reasonable reliability.  Also, nunchuk support is on its way.
> I'd like to get things nice and cross platform, but Mac OS X is the
> only setup I have right now that has access to a Bluetooth adapter.
> Its all disabled though, unless a certain compile time flag is set.
> But I can see this becoming less hidden away in the future (probably
> after I improve reliability and make it cross platform).  But if anyone
> was interested in getting this going now, that should be pretty doable.

Mac is the only platform I don't have right now but that's great news!

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