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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed May 30 08:22:50 EDT 2007

Josh Lawrence <hardbop200 at gmail.com> wrote:

> holy shit, it worked!!!  :)
> sorry for my enthusiasm, but you don't know how I've been struggling
> with getting something to work this past week (on my linux system in
> general).  imagine my excitement just now when I chucked polyfony.ck
> and got sound!

Enthousiasm is good! There's more enthousiasm to come, you might have
noticed in the other thread that you can hook up many more things to ChucK
and most of the time they will work!

now I must change that script to get me a moog ;)

We have something Moogie too! (/examples/stk/ has three examples and it's in
the Ugens section of the manual)

this is
> great...exactly what I wanted in a system.  something catered to live
> playing, where I can define the code prior to performance and then
> focus my attention on my midi keyboard during performance.

It would be feasable to reserve a octave of your keyboard for firering off
bits of code. Auto-acompanyment with home written AI...

> I realize I represent a small subset of people who would actually want
> to use chuck for this purpose (not live coding, but playing a midi
> keyboard), but I think it would be worthwhile to mention it in the
> tutorial.

I agree. I don't think this is such a small sub-set. I spoke to more people
online who would like to get started playing ChucK in a more traditional
"softsynth" way. Livecoding is new and it's exciting so people talk about it
but I don't think people start out by installing ChucK, then learning the
syntax on stage. Likely there is a stage inbetween of writing custom
aplications and softsynths and so on.

I could imagine a set of small "tutorials" grouped in the manual after the
basics that would consist mainly of pointers about "where to find what you
need for..." with topics on softsynths, creating simple rithems, etc. Nearly
all of those topics are already there in the examples but it seems that some
extra pointers would be helpfull. ChucK has a very small "hump" at the
beginning of the learning curve which in my experience consists of 90% of
"getting started, installing and getting round to actually writing
something" and 10% of figuring out how to use the manual and the value of
/examples/. From there on most people seem to be able to get by on their

> apparently so!  thank you for your kind, quick, and very informative
> answer.  of course, the downside to enlightening me is that you will
> now have to put up with me on this list ;)

That's not a "downside", that's part of the plan.

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