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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed May 30 13:05:48 EDT 2007

Josh Lawrence  wrote:

I felt much like stephan, in that
> if I wasn't live coding I wasn't welcome.  this idea was, of course,
> wrong - I had "prejudged" the chuck community prior to actually
> checking it out for myself.

Yes, that's not just wrong, I think it's fundamentally silly idea in that
nobody could go from not using ChucK to livecoding in one step.

I think everybody is welcome and everybody is invited to livecode if (s)he
wants to but those are quite unrelated. To me it would be quite sad if some
single dogmatic way of "playing" ChucK would be established.

I'm so excited about this tool that I can barely stand it.  finally, a
> toolkit without a gui!  yes!  and it does everything you could want it
> to do.  besides, as stated before it is jack/midi/osc aware, so it
> *should* play nicely with other apps that are the same.

Yeah, exactly. Some people are using ChucK to make a Monome controler talk
to Ableton Live, I've been using it to turn gaming devices into MIDI
controlers, it makes a great "glue" between aplications and devices. I think
that aspect of it will only grow with the Wii interface rumoured and maybe
future suport for sysex-MIDI.

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