[chuck-users] stk questions - SawOsc and filters

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Thu May 31 08:40:17 EDT 2007

Last night I sat down and was able to modify polyfony.ck to use a
SawOsc instead of the Mandolin.  My next step was to try to connect
that oscillator to a filter, but how do I do that?  My thinking was
after I get done with defining my SawOsc parameters, I could just
chuck the oscillator to the filter, like so?

s => moog;

(s is my SawOsc, and moog is Moog.)

However this didn't work so well.  When I did it, the osc stopped
tracking note/frequency, and just played a single note all over the

Does anyone have any examples of a more complete subtractive
synthesizer that I can model mine after?

Final question:  Is monophonic operation with glide out of the
question with ChucK?


Josh Lawrence

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