[chuck-users] VIM users

eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 07:40:54 EDT 2007

>> I think other vim users should say something about this. In my
>> opinion if you get use  to and like a specific syntax coloring it is
>> difficult to be comfortable again with a different one. So if yours
>> was the one on the wiki, probably many others are using it. If I had
>> known (it's my fault for not checking it) that someone was updating
>> it, I would have worked on that. So I think we should wait for others
>> to speak out.
> True, true, but I seriously doubt that there is any more vim users on
> the list (well, not more than 3, anyway).

Really? well, then many don't know what they are missing :-)

>>> I'm attaching a new version of the one you sent in your first post,
>>> but
>>> with added support for the new "<--"-comments (line 126 and 129),
>> didn't know you can use <-- to write comments.
> It's pretty new (as of

Oh, yes. I see that now in the VERSION file.

> Okay, we seems to have pretty different views on how it should look. I
> propose that we keep both files on the wiki - it would be a shame  
> if any
> of them were lost. I'll update mine with the things I like in your
> ck.vim, and you can do what you want with yours

ok, then.



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