[chuck-users] more LiSa notes

dan trueman dtrueman at Princeton.EDU
Fri Nov 2 07:55:13 EDT 2007

> When the length of the loop accidentally becomes 0 I got a extreme  
> CPU load, one different from a loop that doesn't advance time, it  
> seems, in that quiting ChucK wasn't easily done (it started  
> "cleaning up", then got stuck) and required a kill through the task  
> manager. I think I would suggest ignoring the command that creates  
> this situation (either .loopStart(), or .loopEnd(), I suppose .loop 
> () itself could also be the final straw ) and printing a warning  
> about the situation as this situation results in a de-facto end of  
> the VM.

thanks for finding this; will be fixed next version.

> When using the .rampDown() command, but then starting .play() again  
> on the same voice before the rampDown has finished the rampDown  
> will cut the new "note" off. This may be intended behavior? Giving  
> a .rampUp(0::ms) when starting the new note avoids this situation  
> so it's no real issue, just unexpected to me.

do you mean .play(1) cuts the new note off?

> I'm not sure whether this is on "the list" already but I'd also  
> appreciate "get" method for the  .rate(), that way we could get the  
> rate, multiply it by some fraction and set it again, like we can  
> with all other pitched Ugens. (of course this can already be done  
> by defining a extra float that keeps track of it but this isn't so  
> elegant).

of course, not sure why it isn't that way already!


> Yours,
> Kas.
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