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Fri Nov 2 15:53:29 EDT 2007

On 11/2/07, dan trueman <dtrueman at princeton.edu> wrote:
> i get it now, and see why it's happening. i'll have to think about
> how to address that. it does make sense to turn off the ramping if a
> play msg has been received, to avoid confusing situations like this.

One easy fix would perhaps be to have .play(1) be a front for
.rampUp(0::ms), I think those are equivalent in many ways, except that the
ramp will also set the ramp?

at some point i'm going to bug you to add some example files to the
> LiSa wiki! ;--} i'm sure you've got some wicked stuff going....

Oh, yes, I'm quite happy :¬). The issue with my project is that it's written
around a arcade joystick and two rather unusual Playstation controllers for
a music game that have a half-octave keyboard and a scratch pad (!!!). Oh,
and it interfaces a set of Nord Modular patches. Basically you wouldn't get
much use out of it unless you would hunt down and get the same components.

What I'd like to do is make a simplified version that's usable with just a
joystick (and perhaps PC keyboard) to explain my way of "joystick
sequencing", include some of the philosophy behind it and release that. This
would bring the system-requirements down from "be Kassen" to "have a
arcade-style joystick with a USB connection" which is a lot more reasonable.
Right now my setup works quite well but there is no manual and reverse
engineering it would be utter hell, I imagine, as it's written around the
controllers and there is no graphical interface or feedback and 90% is very
unconventional in approach.

I didn't yet start on a accessible release because I don't want to do that
without including *why* it works like it does and that will need some time
to very calmly sit down and try to write clearly.

Better for demo-ing LiSa speciffically would perhaps be a keyboard-based
breakbeat cutter or something along those lines, let me think on this.



PS; for live joystick sequencing in very low lighting see;

I fear most people will have to "save as" and have some sort of modern
versatile player that can take this mobile-phone video format that I can't
seem to manage to convert to something more sensible. It's a shame the light
is so bad and so you can't really see much BUT the sequencer is 100% ChucK
and the music is all live (no pre-prepared patterns, at times it shows). I
cheated in that the bass and lead sounds come from the Nord Modular but at
least they are ChucK-controlled.
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