[chuck-users] zipper noise

Stephen Sinclair radarsat1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 18:15:35 EDT 2007

> > Hey, guys, before you continue! If this were implemented, ChucK would
> > also get a "control rate", and the CPU-load would be about the same as
> > any other realtime audio (programming) app. The difference would be that
> > you can choose to not use it.

I don't agree that applying envelopes to parametric changes would
imply a "control rate".
The envelope would occur at sample rate.  If anything it would imply
some (adjustable) frequency response for changing the given parameter.

> 100 => e.updaterate; // controlrate 100 hz
> So having updaterate (or simili) on every ugen would allow on a per
> ugen-instance choice of "control rate".

Don't think this is the right approach..  now _this_ would imply some
kind of control-rate network that runs outside of the chuck code,
which is not what we want.

In cases where you want to do things at less than sample-rate, using
while{} is perfectly fine.  (For me at least.)  The problem I started
this thread about is simply that when you do things at a control rate,
you can't easily envelope your changes without running your loop at
1::samp, so you get zipper.


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