[chuck-users] adding a chuck class from an external file

Juan-Pablo Caceres jcaceres at ccrma.stanford.edu
Tue Nov 6 22:05:49 EST 2007


Doing some research on how to add a class that is defined in an external
file I came across an email Ge sent explaining this wasn't possible yet:

public class Foo
{ /* stuff */ }

machine.add( "foo.ck" );
Foo foo;  // this won't pass the type checker

running bar.ck first (the intended usage) would result in a type
checker error 'unknown class Foo', since foo.ck won't be added until
runtime and so 'Foo' is unknown when bar.ck is compiled.

I remember though him also saying that the way to add external functions
(functions defined in an external file) was to create a classes that
contains them.

So is there any new way to add a class defined in an external class?
Your help is greatly appreciated.


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