[chuck-users] 'if' statement parse error...?

Jascha Narveson jnarveson at wesleyan.edu
Tue Nov 13 23:36:52 EST 2007

I'm getting a parse error on an 'if' statement, but I feel like it  
should work - in fact, i have perfectly fine 'if' statements  
elsewhere in a larger piece of code i'm working on which work exactly  
the way i'd expect them to.  For some reason, though, an innocent  
looking 'if' statement in a different part of my code won't compile.   
To test if i wasn't just missing something, i carefully typed out a  
simple 'if' in a fresh document, after rebooting the program.  Does  
anyone else get a parse error when running this simple simple thing  
in miniAudicle?




while (true)
	Std.rand2(1,6) => int i;
	if (i > 3) {<<<"true">>>} else {<<<"false">>>};
	1::second => now;
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