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You only mention the Audicle and not the MiniAudicle. The Mini is
considerably more simple, I never used a screen reader but as far as I can
see the Mini uses very straightforward text labels with the exception of a
few icons that are also reachable by hotkeys.

What I wasn't able to do was end arbitrary shreds in the Mini's console
monitor without using the mouse (and thus depend on visual feedback), you
can navigate the table of shreds using only the keyboard and all fields are
labelled in plain text but on my Linux install I couldn't get the keyboard
control to go to the table itself and hitting enter on the field that should
remove the shred didn't do a thing.

How far would those two additions get you? I think those would be nice to
have for anyone and might especially enable people on a screen reader to
navigate the whole program and those wouldn't require anything near the
effort of a whole re-write of the Audicle.

Much like Stephen I find the whole question quite mysterious, I never used a
screen reader but my first guess would be that a a plain text editor with a
command-line should be a perfect match for one, perhaps I don't understand
completely what you are after?

To answer your other question, you won't get a thing out of ChucK without
writing some code but the good news is that per line of code you can get a
lot of sound. On the forum we've been playing a game of getting the most
interesting sounds out of one or two 80 character lines with very
interesting results, in a few paragraphs you could write a small synth
controlled by MIDI or a joypad and from there on it's good riddance to the
whole screen with regard to playing music. I can't imagine the exact nature
of your challenge but I would guess that ChucK might well suit your needs.

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