[chuck-users] Controling Chuck - building accessible GUI

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 18:59:56 EST 2007

On 20/11/2007, Rich Caloggero <rjc at mit.edu> wrote:
>  Hmm, I actually meant the mini-audicle...

Ah, I see.

Because I was never really able to use it, I'm not sure exactly what it
> allows one to do, but I assume that it allows one to write code in some sort
> of editor and then send that off to chuck to be run.   Is this true?

Yes, that's it. It's a text editor with a build in virtual machine and some
management for the shreds that are running. It has syntax highlighting which
would be useless to you (I imagine) and it has hotkeys for starting,
stopping and replacing shreds which would be useful.

If so, then the text editor also needs to be accessible: need to use a
> standard multi-line textbox (standard multiline text widget in whatever
> toolkit your using) and hope that the screen reader knows what it is.

Oh. I had no idea it was all so delicate. I do think the Mini uses a fairly
standard toolkit but I'm not sure the textbox is standard as it does syntax
highlighting and so on. Well, evidently it's not standard enough for you

I fear that that would mean that right now if you'd like to work with ChucK
the command-line version is the version for you. As such that's no great
limitation for using chuck, at least I know that when I use the Mini it's
mainly for the syntax highlighting and the rest of the time I use the
command-line as well. Personally I am very interested in writing instruments
where I don't need to use the screen so I can tell you those can be written
but unlike you I do enjoy toying with code as part of my design process so
the large question might be to what degree you are willing to go through a
stage of writing code in order to get a instrument you can play without the
need for visual feedback.

It's sad that what might be a perfect solution; a hardware modular with knob
labels in Braille is such a expensive thing.

Ok, back to practical reality, what challenges would we face in the usage of
plain command-line ChucK? How usable is a command-line at all with it's
unusual tendency to add text at the bottom and scroll the history upward to

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