[chuck-users] Controling Chuck - building accessible GUI

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 04:52:46 EST 2007

>      From altern's message on this thread, it seems that Java Swing will
>     interface with OSC, and Sun has put a lot of work into making this
>     toolkit accessible. Thus, when you use a standard swing control in
>     your program, Java knows how to:
>     1. keyboard enable this by default
>     2. communicate the state of the control to the access technology
>     (screen reader)

There is SwingOSC server developed in Java Swing. This is focused on 
SuperCollider but it should work with ChucK as well. It already works 
with PD so it should not be so difficult to make it work with ChucK, if 
it is not already done.

It works this way: there is a java application that listens for certain 
OSC messages so the application can be controlled from other language 
via OSC. This allows to create widgets and get back values when the user 
interacts with those widgets. Say I send a message from ChucK to create 
a window with a button, Java pops it. If I click the button an OSC 
message would be received back at ChucK.

So it just requires a set of classes in ChucK that mirror the server, 
this is not that complex and I am sure that the person that takes care 
of SwingOSC would be happy to help on this if you ask.

BTW, you mention that PD is not accessible, have you asked about this in 
the PD list? I think it is very good that people like you with special 
needs raise their voices in these communities, otherwise the developers 
tend to forget about it.


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