[chuck-users] easy random numbers

jakob kaiser jakobala at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 20 18:51:34 EST 2007

> Uhm, I still don't get it. I tried your example on two platforms > yesterday (Mac and Windows -- my Linux machine is 64-bit) and the > numbers are random -- with the exception of the first one 
Strange, On my windowsXP system I get excatly the same numbers every time I start the code:51 :(int)585 :(int)233 :(int)819 :(int)606 :(int)506 :(int)
...and infinitely more numbers
This relationship between the numbers seems randomly enough, but 51 is always the first, 585 is always the second one, and so on. Therefor it does not seem to use the system time. (At least not with my version, but I am using the latest precompiled one for windows)
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