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Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Wed Nov 21 05:36:11 EST 2007

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Here are a couple examples of date / time APIs:
> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/time.html
> http://www.boost.org/doc/html/date_time.html

After looking at the Java API for dates and times I found that it 
delegates things in a way that I found nice.


It has separation between a Date, which is basically a unix-epoch 
timestamp and a calendar class which manages all conversions done on 
that date (and a separate formatting class for reading and wring 
dates).  Mostly just to see how much work it actually is to extend 
ChucK's type system I wrote something similar to the Date class, called 
Timestamp (Time is already taken).

The API is:

    - int secondsSinceEpoch()
    - void setSecondsSinceEpoch(int seconds)
    + Timestamp current() [static]

So, a simple example:

<<< Timestamp.current().secondsSinceEpoch() >>>;

1::second => now;

Timestamp t;


<<< t.secondsSinceEpoch() >>>;

Timestamp.current() @=> t;

<<< t.secondsSinceEpoch() >>>;


1195641120 :(int)
1 :(int)
1195641121 :(int)

Random other notes:

- The CVS server isn't responding at the moment.  It connects, but diffs 
don't work, so this is based on the last release.

- ChucK's type system is scattered across quite a few places.  On the 
wishlist-of-things-nobody'll-every-have-time-for would be consolidating 
(and cleaning it up) a bit.  Possibly en route to a 64-bit port since a 
lot of the type system relies on casts from integers to pointers.  
(Sidenote there -- would simply using a long long for the t_CKUINT 
potentially work on 64-bit platforms?  May try that later...)

- I tried to follow the current coding style despite difference in taste 
(or some things that are generally not great C++ practice) so that the 
code would fit with the rest if the authors want to check it in.

- This may not work on Windows.  Should work on Mac and Linux.  There's 
a universal binary (Mac) here:


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