[chuck-users] Sitar, hearing voices, Miniaudicle

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 07:34:19 EST 2007

Dear ChucKists,

Last night I was fooling around with some STK instruments and it looks like
Sitar needs some attention.

First of all Sitar.pluck() doesn't.... well, pluck. Sitar.moteOn() does
pluck and as far as I can see .noteOn could simply be refered to by

Second one is slightly more complicated and turns out to be downright
dangerous. I accidentally send Sitar some every low notes (in the bottom
octave of the MIDI range) and this results in a error that the delay line is
too short. Strangely StifKarp doesn't do the same (that one "plucks" as
well). This gets dangerous as I believe Sitar will report on this issue for
every sample so that's 44 Kilo-errors per second. This was too much for the
poor MiniAudicle to deal with and I had to quit it.

If it's intended behaviour that Sitar has a minimum frequency (for example
because real sitars don't go into the very low range either) it would be
bettter to have a sanity check on the frequency before this happens.

I could probably fix these myself tomorow and send in the fixed STK Ugens
cpp file if that would be helpfull?

Next up; VoicForm's documentation doesn't include any mention of the allowed
phonemes (sp?) and the only way that I could find them was read the source.
Without those this Ugens is almost unusable for non-random usage so that
probably needs a fix. I realise, BTW, that figuring out the parameters is
time-consuming and probably boring as well but wouldn't it be a lot of fun
if ChucK could say it's own name? I tried to persuade it to do that but I
think we are short a few sounds.Generally we don't seem to have any plosives
or "C"/"k" type clicking sounds so that"s no "chucK', "spork" or "crash"
maybe "shred" would be possible. It's kinda trivial but it would be so much
fun for demonstrations.

I could submit a sugested addition for the docs to the WiKi as well tomorow,
the source is quite clear on this once you know your way around.

Finally, I did some more testing and I'm now sure that on XP the Mini
affects keyboard settings. More speciffically on startup the Mini switches
the keyboard layout in the "langiuage bar" to the default one that XP asumes
on startup. This can get anoying; my default setting is the Dutch one so I
can use my trusty IBM model M but the laptop itself has a US layout so when
traveling lightly ( a Model M clocks in at 2.5KG, roughly 5 pounds) I use
the US layout. It gets iritating if the Mini keeps switching this back to NL
every time it's started (which can get frequent when hunting bugs),
especially as I can't see a reason for that. Note that characters like "="
and ">" are in different places on various layouts, as are all the

It also looks like the Mini doesn't use XP's clip-board so pasting from the
Mini to other aplications is impossible, it's also not possible to use
"copy", re-start the Mini (or crash it!), then paste.

So, that's it, quite a few issues for a 1.5::hour session but that's how it
goes :-)

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