[chuck-users] Sitar, hearing voices, Miniaudicle

Graham Coleman ravelite at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 13:26:35 EST 2007


> Second one is slightly more complicated and turns out to be downright
> dangerous. I accidentally send Sitar some every low notes (in the bottom
> octave of the MIDI range) and this results in a error that the delay line is
> too short. Strangely StifKarp doesn't do the same (that one "plucks" as
> well). This gets dangerous as I believe Sitar will report on this issue for
> every sample so that's 44 Kilo-errors per second. This was too much for the
> poor MiniAudicle to deal with and I had to quit it.

This is indeed a neat feature of StifKarp. Have a nice plucky tune
playing, and then send it some really low notes to make percussive

More instruments should have this kind of non-linear / discontinuous
timbre change.


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