[chuck-users] Sitar, hearing voices, Miniaudicle

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 13:46:11 EST 2007

On 29/11/2007, Graham Coleman <ravelite at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is indeed a neat feature of StifKarp. Have a nice plucky tune
> playing, and then send it some really low notes to make percussive
> explosions.
> More instruments should have this kind of non-linear / discontinuous
> timbre change.

Yeah, I love it.

Last night I had a nice moment of Livecode practice on headphones, I'm
moving my GF to a new place and have my laptop on her piano with scribled
notes on the sheet-msuic stand :-)

Anyway, if you put a Envelope over the StifKarp and pluck it with some very,
very low frequencies, then re-tune to something reasonable while ramping up
the envelope (without plucking again!) you get the nicest evolving textures
while the whole system re-ballances itself. Lots of fun at only ten or so
lines of code. I have yet to get into some of the more advanced parameters
of StifKarp I think a lot more could be done with it... And there are still
some STK instruments I didn't even try, it's like a treasure trove of fun
stuff!. So far I think my favourite is the Shakers, the Shakers is/are
perfect for doing wat I call "gremlin techno"; techno as played by a
ensemble of Gremlins that broke into a garage.

Good times.

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