[chuck-users] dac.channels

eduard eaylon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 20:55:42 EST 2007

Hi there,

I'd like to use all my soundcard outputs, however dac.channels()  
reports the wrong number or at least a different number of channels  
than chuck --probe. Here's the output of the latter for the mentioned  

[chuck]: ------( chuck -- dac4 )---------------
[chuck]: device name = "RME: Fireface 400 (4AF)"
[chuck]: probe [success] ...
[chuck]: # output channels = 18
[chuck]: # input channels  = 18
[chuck]: # duplex Channels = 18
[chuck]: default device = YES
[chuck]: natively supported data formats:
[chuck]:    8-bit int
[chuck]:   16-bit int
[chuck]:   24-bit int
[chuck]:   32-bit int
[chuck]:   32-bit float
[chuck]:   64-bit float
[chuck]: supported sample rates:
[chuck]:   32000 Hz
[chuck]:   44100 Hz
[chuck]:   48000 Hz
[chuck]:   88200 Hz
[chuck]:   96000 Hz
[chuck]:   176400 Hz
[chuck]:   192000 Hz

however dac.channels() reports that only 2 channels are available.  
I've double checked that this soundcard is the default one and also  
run chuck with --dac4 flag, but no luck. Does anyone know what could  
be wrong?

thanks in advance,


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